Campspot Certification FAQ

Find answers to the most common questions about the program

Welcome to the Campspot Certification Program! Below you will find the answers to our most commonly asked questions:

Q: How many certifications are available?

As of January 2024, we proudly offer 4 certifications:

  1. Campspot's Front Desk Fundamentals (auto-enrollment upon registration)
  2. Campspot Accounting
  3. Site Management
  4. Revenue Management

Q: Who should take which certification?

  1. Front Desk Fundamentals: Introduction Certification for the most common features used by a Front Desk Customer Service representative. Ideal for Front Desk Customer Service representatives who are newer to using Campspot..
  2. Campspot Accounting: Part of our Management focused Certifications. Dive into the features and functionality available in Campspot to boost your understanding of how to best align your system setup with your Accounting Practices. These courses are great for those folks who manage system setup and financial reporting decisions.
  3. Site Management: Part of our Management focused Certifications. Explore the features available to maximize your Site Setup including setting up sites, assigning rules and policies, as well a few very popular features. These courses are great for a manager, owner or operator responsible for setting up Sites and Site Types.
  4. Revenue Management: Part of our Management focused Certifications. Discover all the functionality and features available to maximize your park's Revenue potential including setting Base Rates, managing inventory, distribution channels, and so much more! These courses are great for a manager, owner, or operator in a decision making role.

Q: How do I register?

Click the "Signup" link at the top of the screen. Once you are registered, you will have instant access to the courses. Register and get started today!

Once registered, you are automatically enrolled in the Front Desk Certification.

To gain access to the Management focused Certifications, click here to learn how to assign them.

Q: What is Demo and how can I get access?

Campspot's Demo site is available for the Front Desk Fundamentals Certification, allowing users to practice common tasks. Access is granted within 72 hours of registration. Demo is optional, and if unable to access, continue with course work until access is gained. Demo details can be found in the first courses and by clicking here.

Q: It has been 72+ hours after my registration - how will I know if I have access to Demo?

For those enrolled in the Front Desk fundamentals courses, Follow directions in the initial courses for accessing Demo at Ensure to check email filters and spam folders for communications from, as filters may reject emails from this address