Welcome to the Campspot Certification!

We are excited to offer you this self-guided learning experience!

This annual training was designed to help new and existing users learn about and get the most out of Campspot reservation software.  Upon successful completion of all courses, you will learn the basics of using Campspot.

We are proud to roll out our Level 1 Certification: Front Desk Fundamentals. In completing this Certification, you will go through the following courses:

Course 1          Login and Resetting Passwords

Course 2          Reservation Grid Navigation

Course 3          Reservation Grid View, List View and Map View

Course 4          Multi-Site and Group Reservations

Course 5          Booking Holds: Pencil in and Admin

Course 6          Reservation List, Customers, Front Desk Interface

Course 7          Editing Bookings, Cancellations and Daily Add-ons

Course 8          Post Arrival Reservation Management

Course 9          Basics of Reporting

How to Navigate the Courses

Each course must successfully be completed before advancing on to the next course.

In each course, you will read through the course content along and watch any videos included in that course.

Demo Training Environment: Practice Makes Perfect

To practice the skills for each section, you are also given access to a training environment, Demo. Your log-in credentials will be reviewed as part of the Logging In & Resetting Your Password course.

This training environment is based on a Front Desk user, so the user permissions within the training software are limited to that of the course topics.

Please note that access to Demo will be granted up to 72 hours after your registration for the Certification Program. If you cannot log in after 72 hours, feel free to shoot us an email for assistance. Access to Demo is not required to start the courses.

Updates and New Course Material

We are very excited about this training. We will be making regular updates to reflect new functionality within Campspot, adjust content based on your feedback, and add new courses that will further enhance your understanding of the software. In addition, once a year, a full program audit will be completed to make sure you have access to learn the newest features each year.

If you would like to expand your learnings around any of these topics, supplemental content can be found in the Campspot Knowledge Base - support.campspot.com, including a support article specific to this program.

Ready, Set, Go!

When you're ready, new users can proceed by clicking SIGNUP in the upper right corner of this screen.

Please take note of the following:

  • Once you complete registration, you can access the courses.
  • Allow up to 72 hours to gain access to our Demo Environment.

Upon registration, the courses for the Campspot Certification: Front Desk fundamentals will be automatically assigned. Start with the Welcome to Campspot Certification Course to kick off the certification.

If you are already signed up and taking courses, click LOGIN in the upper right corner to continue your progress. Good luck!


Need Help?

If you are unable to log-in, please email us at: software-certification@campspot.com

If you are logged into the training system and have a question or need to troubleshoot an issue with a course, you can easily send us an email within the TalentLMS platform.

To do this, login and click on Messages at the top of the screen. Send a Message to "System Administrators" or type the course name and select the Only Instructor recipient - both of which can be done by searching Recipients.

Please note: You must remain active in the courses within a 30-day period to remain active.

If you have not been active in the courses after 30 days, your account will be deactivated.